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The Gospel of John Spanish Project Explained

The Gospel of John Spanish Project Explained

Capture-black-text2From the deep and powerful opening words: “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God and the Word was God”… to the account of Peter’s restoration on the shores of Galilee this gospel is unique in its presentation of the work and deity of Jesus the Messiah…. The Spanish Gospel of John Project aims to dub this film into Spanish, in order to reach those that speak this second largest mother-tongue language in the world. Do you share this vision with us?

Hi, my name is Peter Terrell. I’m an independent missionary living in Southern Mexico, I was sent out by a bible church from Colorado. I’ve been dubbing word for word bible films like: The New Media Bible Genesis, Luke, Acts of the Apostles, and the Jesus Film in native Latin American languages for 26 years.

Today we have the Gospel of John on film and as I watch it, it moves me to tears. And I would like to see this dubbed into as many languages as possible in Latin America.

We need to start by dubbing the Gospel of John in Spanish, because it is a major language and will also be a springboard to dub native Latin American languages. This is not about entertainment. It’s about getting the Bible into an oral format for oral cultures. Like Paul Eshelman of Campus Crusade for Christ says,

One of the biggest phenomena in the Christian world today is the fact that we’re recognizing 70% of the world are oral learners. They don’t want to get things in a written form. They don’t have a literate mindset. They learn by stories and proverbs. So we’ve got to organize our evangelism and discipleship so that we’re telling stories to reach oral learners. It’s a huge thing and something the church has to pay attention to.

The permissions are in place, the recording teams are ready we just need the financial resources to do it, and the prayer support of God’s people. Can you help?

There are two ways you can help: for a donation of $20 or more we will give you a 250 gr bag, that’s over a half pound, of organic Chiapas highlands coffee along with a DVD of the Gospel of John in English with Spanish and French subtitles and a DVD of the Jesus film in eight languages, including English and Spanish. Or one pound of Himalayan pink salt, excellent for your health, along with the John and Jesus Film DVDs.

And please pray for this project and for all involved. We believe the Lord is returning soon, and this is a great way for many to hear the gospel before his coming. Thank you, and MARANATHA!


The Spanish Gospel of John is a project of Piedras Sobre La Roca A.C. a non-profit organization in Mexico.

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